Nothing sells Mitchell & Associates better than our clients' viewpoints! That’s because installing J.D. Edwards solutions are a rewarding experience for companies of all sizes and complexities. We are proud of our many successes, and would like to share a partial listing with you.


JD Edwards Customer Satisfaction Letters

Mitchell & Associates is committed to providing innovative solutions and technological efficiencies that create greater value for customers. Our commitment is backed by more than 20 years of experience providing global information technology solutions to customers with best-in-class customer service. Year-over-year, our commitment to exceeding customer service expectations is most evident in the reference letters we receive and the surveys that are conducted.

Below is a partial listing of our clients.


ADT Security Systems Image Incorporated RIS Paper
American Bible Society International Nickel Sara Lee Foods
American Cyanamid Image Incorporated Schrock Cabinetry
Foundation of the Blind Liz Clairborne Showboat Casino
Bernard Chaus Merck and Company Showtime Networks
Calvin Klein Microwave Semi-Con Siemens Corporation
Devereaux Foundation Mutual Benefit Life Technical Wire
Donna Karan Mita Copiers Terumo Medical
Franklin Electronic MTV Networks Trump Plaza Casino
Guerlain Cosmetics Parfums Givenchy Twenty-One Club
Harbor Linen Prudential Property United States Testing
H.B. Fuller P&O Container Viacom International
Hilton International Rams Marketing Virgin Mobile
H&G Industries Rhodia Incorporated Weaver Popcorn


Ainsworth Electronic – Canada Cineplex Odeon – Canada
Mobil Oil - Africa AT&T – Puerto Rico
City of Zwolle – Netherlands Panalpina - Canada
Ashanti Goldfields – Africa Coca Cola - Puerto Rico
Roche Products - Puerto Rico Barcardi Rum - Puerto Rico
Fuji Photo – Canada Shell Oil - Africa
Braun – Canada Jordan Petroleum – Jordan
Stanley Tools - Canada Children’s Aid - Canada
Merck (MSD) - Czech Republic T.K.S Inc. - Netherlands



JD Edwards Industry Specific Solutions

The past two decades have seen a rapid evolution in information technology across all industries. Processing requirements have grown more complex. Due to convergence, globalization, and pure customer demand, service delivery channels have broadened. Today, you must use technology strategically throughout your organization to maximize operational efficiency and improve performance.

The list below represents just some of the industries and business models that are supported by and using J.D. Edwards EnterpriseOne. These software solutions have been designed to help nearly every market sector and are a result of years of research.

Automotive Life Sciences
Chemicals Mining
Construction Professional Services
Consumer Products Public Services
Energy Paper
Field Service Real Estate
Financial Services Telecomm
High Tech / Electronics Utilities
Homebuilders Wholesale Distribution
Industrial Manufacturing

For additional information on the J.D. Edwards EnterpriseOne and the benefits its solutions can bring to your business, please contact us.


MAA Implementation & Upgrade Methodology (MAAIM)

The Mitchell & Assocaites Implementation Methodology (MAAIM) has been developed to plan, manage, and deliver J.D. Edwards software solutions. It is based upon J.D. Edwards own standard OneMethodology implementation approach, but has evolved over the past 20 years to cope with the different situations that have been encountered during our numerous implementations. Our unique MAAIM process accelerates time-to-benefit for our clients as well as reduces their risk and exposure.

The MAAIM process addresses the areas of highest risk early in the implementation lifecycle. Our professionals begin by evaluating and analyzing your business processes and existing infrastructure to determine the most suitable solution architecture and design. They then develop, rigorously test and implement the resulting solution.

The strength of the Mitchell & Associates Implementation Methodology lies in its balance between flexibility and speed. The MAAIM process is flexible in that it allows our implementation professionals to refine requirements as the project evolves. Each of our clients has unique business requirements and we provide them with a solution tailored to their exact needs.

The MAAIM process is also fast. We leverage established implementation practices and templates to streamline activities - shrinking implementation times and reducing costs. Our unmatched experience with numerous companies allows the MAAIM process to be quickly adapted to the needs of our clients, no matter their size or industry. We utilize industry best practices to eliminate the root causes of implementation failure. Most importantly, it allows your organization to realize a faster ROI (Return on Investment).

What’s Important:
Improve productivity
Lower costs
Meet user expectations
Maintain system flexibility
Maintain schedule & budget
Assimilate J.D. Edwards technology
Improve on legacy systems
Provide a return on your investment


JD Edwards Training Services

Mitchell & Associates education covers the entire scope of J.D. Edwards software and can be delivered anywhere in the world. Clients often use our training services to augment or supplement training already provided by J.D. Edwards. Clients often advise us that they are overwhelmed with all of the information obtained in a standard JD Edwards training class. We understand there concern because JD Edwards is trying to impart a wealth of information and technology to its clients. Often it is too much information for a person to digest at one time and the topics need to be reviewed incrementally.

Although we offer full training classes most clients use our service in a one on one augmentation basis, but we also perform this same service on a group basis. The value in our classes comes in form of the instructor’s experience. They cover a wide range of business settings and the practical application of sophisticated technology. Working one on one at the client site while using examples directly related to their business, we have a history of playing a vital role in making business solutions work.

We think in terms of how this benefits our clients. We believe on-site consulting and training are the best techniques to use in an adult learning environment. Training should add value to your ongoing business without disrupting business as usual. We offer you the flexibility you need in choosing a training schedule. We'll work with you to arrange courses at your site with an emphasis tailored to your unique issues. By the end of the training, team members and users can gain the first-hand experience they need to become effective users in their own work settings. Our consultants combine years of industry experience with rigorous training to offer clients comprehensive J.D. Edwards product knowledge.

Multi-Level Education Covers:

Executive Overviews
Application Education
Technical Education
Product Workshops
Net Change
Technical Concepts
Process Re-engineering


JD Edwards Data Migration Services

Let Mitchell & Associates take the guess work out of your data migration needs. We will provide complete support from initial planning to post-production operations. Our professionals share their expertise in performing J.D. Edwards Software data migrations to help your organization seamlessly transition from your current enterprise software to the more feature-rich J.D. Edwards EnterpriseOne.

Our team will enable you to minimize data migration risks, reduce downtime, and maximize usage and productivity. We provide your organization with hands-on installation and testing experience, a migration plan aligned with your requirements, data migration implementation services, and the mentoring your team needs to maximize the benefits you receive from J.D. Edwards EnterpriseOne.

We Provide You With:

Assessment of your current software implementation
A guide for your migration installation
Installation strategy for your environment
Data Migration plan for your organization
Deploy data migration according to your organization’s requirements
Completed test scripts
Data Migration documentation
Ability to achieve maximum benefits from your software migration
Post migration support


JD Edwards World to EnterpriseOne Services

Mitchell & Associates will provide your organization with a structured approach for migrating JD Edwards World Software to J.D. Edwards EntrepriseOne. This unleashes the new functionality within the applications and reduces the time, effort and risks in performing a migration. Our team of experienced consultants will be your ideal partner for upgrading to the new software solution.

We will provide expertise in evaluating the necessary business, software, and reporting requirements for successfully transitioning your existing World Software data and programs to EnterpriseOne. Process analysis, training, consulting, and report conversions (FASTR and World Writer) are unique to each client. After evaluating World Software systems currently in place, we will provide a project plan, risk evaluation, and cost estimate detailing how to migrate from World Software to OneWorld. This analysis deliverables are a project plan, schedule, and budget to accomplish the complete transition.

Why Mitchell & Associates?

Our consultants are some of the most experienced in the industry. Recruited for their expertise in the JD Edwards marketplace, they continue to extend and enhance their skills through development and training. This in-depth understanding of the upgrade process means they are aware of the intrinsic pitfalls and know how to avoid them.

Maximizing your capital investment and best use of your resources require that you use experienced J.D. Edwards EnterpriseOne, OneWorld Xe, and World consulting resources. Paying the high rates for experienced help from Oracle or one of their partners, limits the amount of assistance that can be purchased to support the upgrade. The key to reducing the level of risk present with the upgrade project is your ability to acquire the most experienced consulting team at the best rates.

Our company is able to demonstrate successful experiences and leadership with prior J.D. Edwards clients. Our reputation for providing high-quality people at reasonable rates is one of the key differences we invite you to experience with our organization.


JD Edwards Technical Consulting Services


Mitchell & Associates offers the expertise, methods, processes and tools for integrating your J.D. Edwards application and technology needs. Our technical consultants leverage our expertise in systems integration to efficiently configure, implement, and interface software. If customization is necessary, our consultants will help you to clearly define the requirement, develop a design that is consistent with JD Edwards standard programming methodology.

Our technical consultants are experienced in the all of the J.D. Edwards Technical Tools and have maintained a focus on providing quality technical services for 20 years for EnterpriseOne, OneWorld and World installations. Our knowledge is based on industry standards, and our consulting strength is in the depth of our experience both in terms of knowledge of JD Edwards products and knowledge of real-world business requirements. Therefore we can deliver custom solutions that smoothly integrate with your existing systems and provide a seamless interface for your users. Also our standards for specifications and programming ensure that your staff will be able to support and retro-fit the modification in the future.

Technical Service Capabilities

System Installation, Upgrades, and Audits
CNC Configuration
Systems Management, Configuration, and Security
Software Development And Enhancement
Data Conversion And Interface
Database Design and Integration
Technical Assessments
Workflow Design And Development
Technical Training

Key Benefits

Provides Significant Costs Savings
Increases the Speed and Ease of Technology Deployment
Long term planning and goals. Don't sacrifice quality for the short-term expediency.
Removes Skills Gaps from your Organization’s IT Department
Ensures Predictable and Controlled Support Costs
Frees up your Internal IT staff to focus on key business strategy supporting activities
Enables your Organization to Focus on your Core Business Objectives

The decision to entrust the mission critical systems that underpin the success of your business to an outside party is not one that can be taken lightly. At Mitchell & Associates we have a proven track record of systems delivery that stretches back 20 years. In a rapidly changing marketplace, where stability is in short supply, our customers find this very reassuring. That is why more and more organizations in the public and commercial sectors are choosing to partner with us.


JD Edwards Functional Consulting Services


Mitchell & Associates believes in the ‘one-stop-shop’ principle, whereby we provide comprehensive implementation, training and ongoing support services.

Our consultants are experienced and fully trained J.D. Edwards specialists that work with you to get the job done right the first time. We believe in providing the best level of service possible at both the implementation and support stages of a project. This means that our qualified staff are provided with on-going and comprehensive product training to compliment their existing professional qualifications.

Applications Consulting & System Reviews

Mitchell & Associates provide specialist application consultancy services for the J.D. Edwards Software Solutions. Many of our consultants have previously worked for J.D. Edwards in various industries, where they have been involved with the implementation of a world-class business application. Our staffs training programs are designed to build on this experience by providing comprehensive product training, presentation skills training and instruction in the use of Mitchell & Associates project implementation methodology.

Although our consultants are trained in the practical use of specific modules, many of our more senior consultants have inevitably been trained in, and have implemented a variety of modules covering the financial, distribution/logistics, and manufacturing areas. These consultants are therefore equipped to carry out an independent analysis / investigation of an organization’s systems, and to recommend appropriate solutions. More and more organizations have requested Mitchell & Associates to provide ‘independent’ reviews of their current applications / strategy, because our consultants have the practical experience that can make the difference.


JD Edwards Project Management Services

Project Management and Systems Integration are the cornerstones of our business, and we have built our reputation on excellence of delivery and value for money. Over the course of managing numerous J.D. Edwards projects around the world, Mitchell & Associates has developed substantial Project Management expertise.

We define Project Management as the ability to visualize an optimum result, and then support it through the definition, planning, control and execution of an interdependent set of tasks to achieve an agreed goal.

Mitchell & Associates management solutions group works with senior-level executives to improve the operational effectiveness of their business units. To achieve this primary objective, we employ a well thought out methodology: assess, plan, implement, and evaluate. Projects are often broken down into phases. Once we have evaluated the success of the changes implemented, the cycle starts once again with the next phase of the project.

Our professional management consultants are experts in strategic planning, process workflow analysis, re-engineering, and project organization. The group is composed of consulting professionals with business management backgrounds and extensive experience in organizational, process-oriented, and technological areas. Recognizing that the best answers are often collaborative ones, we frequently team up with members of the technology groups to offer comprehensive business solutions A skilled and informed workforce guarantees that technology is used to its fullest advantage.
We can help you make wise business decisions and adopt appropriate strategies for future growth and profitability.

At Mitchell & Associates we believe that a well managed project cannot fail!

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